A downloadable brush pack for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

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All of my procreate brushes, gathered into one convenient place.

This MegaPack includes:

This MegaPack includes over 80 brushes for Procreate, with 30 High-Resolution textures/patterns. 

Across the various packs, you'll find brushes suited for sketching, painting, blending, and introducing unique texture and pattern to your artwork.

HandDrawn Tile Patterns & Brushes

This digital pack includes :

  • 15 high-resolution, hand-drawn, geometric patterns
  • 45 textured procreate brushes

Patterns are 5"x5" at 500 DPI

Each pattern comes with 3 different brushes

  • A static-sized pattern brush
  • A brush where the pattern is sized to the brush
  • and an oversized pattern brush

Cheerwine Brushes

A brush set inspired by the hazy, soft lights of late-night gas stations on weather-worn benches.

Made for Procreate, these brushes are ideal for painting, blending, and texturizing your work. This pack includes 6 versatile brushes.  The image shown was painted using this brush pack exclusively.

The Halftone Halo

A single procreate brush of a radiating circle, each concentric circle made up of smaller and smaller dots

The brush is a complete circle - the blank spots featured in the cover are just for *aesthetic*

Magic Colored Pencil Pack

A pencil brush inspired by the magic, color-changing pencils of your childhood. Chunky, vibrant, and great for playful sketching. Colors shift with pencil tilt, pressure, and every new stroke.

This pack includes 4 brushes, each with a different color profile. These brushes are for Procreate.

These brushes are affected by your current picked color - The brushes shown are using white [#FFFFFF] as their set color. Experiment using different hues and levels of saturation to get all sorts of fun, new pencils! (The banner image was drawn using Raw Blush with a bright cyan)

Sketchbook Paper Pack

Sometimes, the sketching feels better when you've got a blank page in front of you.

These paper textures are ready to help ground that digital canvas into something more traditional and tactile.

In this pack, you'll find 15 High Resolution PNGs measuring 12" x 9" (4800 px x 3600 px) at 400 DPI, compatible with the software of your choice

Also included are a PSD and Procreate file, ready loaded with every texture for streamlined ease.

Textures include single, full page spreads and pages cut with that perfect lay-flat crease to give you a bit more structure and that real, sketchbook feel.

Royalty free. Go buck wild.

Valhethella's Brushes (2021)

This is my basic toolbox of brushes - it's what I use 90% of the time in all the work I do. This pack includes 25 brushes for Procreate.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this brush pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

HandDrawnTilePatternsHighRes.zip 32 MB
HandDrawn_Tile_Pattern_Brushes.brushset 57 MB
Cheerwine.brushset 6 MB
Halftone_Halo.brush 1 MB
Magic_Colored_Pencils_By_VALHETHELLA.brushset 1 MB
SketchbookPaperPack.zip 462 MB
Sketchbook_Papers.psd 789 MB
Sketchbook_Papers.procreate 672 MB
🌿_VALHETHELLA(1).brushset 10 MB

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